Indio-Maíz Biological Reserve is considered one of the most important areas and one of
the best preserved tropical rainforest in Central America. It is located Southeast
Nicaragua between three towns which are El Castillo, San Juan de Nicaragua and
Bluefields. The Reserve covers 2,639 square kilometers and is home to a wide
biodiversity that includes threatened or endangered species such as the Jaguar (Panthera
onca), the Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) and the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus).
Furthermore, about 70% of the Reserve is part of the ancestral territory of the
indigenous Rama and Kriol African descent who have joined to form the Rama-Kriol
Territorial Government and to fight for the preservation of their people, their lives, their
forests which are today threatened by the advance of the agricultural frontier and the
arrival of mega projects on its territory.



Since 2014, five organizations with presence in the municipality of El Castillo, Río San
Juan of Nicaragua, were concerned about the invasion and deterioration that threatens
the Reserve, therefore we settled an alliance capable of calling the attention of the
authorities and to actively contribute to the protection of the Indio-Maíz. The alliance
was named Union of Environmental Organizations and take part in it two cooperatives
of cacao producers (Cooprocafuc R.L. and Cosemucrim R.L.), a cooperative of
sustainable tourism (Coopeturs R.L.), the Municipal Network of Committees of
Drinkable Water and Sanitation (Red CAPS – El Castillo) and the non-governmental
organization Fundación del Río.
We, the Union of Environmental Organizations, together with the Rama-Kriol
Territorial Government and the solidarity and support of allied organizations, decided to
launch the campaign “Let’s Save the Indio-Maíz Reserve, Lung of Central America”, in
April 2015. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the problems of invasion and
deforestation that faces the Reserve as a result of the advance of the agricultural
frontier. We also decided to share about the importance of collaborative work between
authorities, citizens and organizations interested in preserving the Sanctuary of life that
is the Reserve.
Now we invite you to overfly the Indio-Maíz forest and admire its great beauty. We will
also show you the destruction that is being generated by deforestation and livestock
farming increase performed by the settlers who invade the Reserve.